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                  Yuen Da Electronic products factory was established in 1990 along with the Hong Kong office.
                  Yuen Da is a sole proprietorship enterprise with domestic and foreign sales. Specializes in the design and manufacturing of PVC Plastics, electronic wire, power supply cable, inside connector cable, phone wire, Computer peripherals(USB,DC plug), Digital assistant and high-speed and low frequency for electrical appliances. As well as CCC plug, UL plug, VDE plug and others.
                  Yuen Da now covers an area of about 30000 square meters. All employees participate in social security, approximately 200 different machines specialized automated equipment used in the manufacturing.
                  Yuen Da’s General Manager Mr. Poon has implemented the management policy of “Total participation in the company, geared towards constant improvements in quality, customer satisfaction and on time deliverables”, Yuen Da has made great strides over the last ten years with specializing in electrical wire and cable, manufacturing high quality products for toys and electrical appliances. Yuen Da has the following: Certification of ISO9001:2015 Quality System, and awarded the high-tech enterprise. we have already through other certification by many countries, UL,CCC,VDE etc. as well as well-known toys manufacturer specified the electronic wires suppliers
                  With the change of times, Consumer health and safety and protection, global environment principles is our priority, in order to follow the pace of the times, we introduced an environmental system in 2008, we established our “Chemical Laboratory” on January 2008 and formal operation commenced on March 01,2008. we invited third party to perform a systems audit and certified the chemical laboratory testing competency, through certification and testing capability. We can be sure entire production compliance Europe and other countries latest directive requirement.
                  With the rapid development of information technology, our company import the ERP system, real time data query, improve work efficiency, each product can track from the finished product to raw materials, as well as the related quality inspection and environmental protection
                  Dedication and commitment to compliance and our customers the highest quality standards, materials and favorable prices will yield high customer satisfaction increase our market share and maintain our excellent reputation. Our brand products will be distributed in most industrial countries, including Europe, America’s and Southeast Asia.

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